Welcome to the IUBPC

Are you a professional staff employee at IU Bloomington? This is a big campus with thousands of people and that can make it challenging to find the information you need.

To get started, please check out our employee resources with dozens of links to services ranging from health and wellness to professional development, as well as information from units like Human Resources and University Information Technology Services.


The Bloomington Professional Council provides leadership in the continual improvement of university policies and practices that enhance the quality of life of the professional employee, while supporting the institutional mission.

Behind the Scenes

Check out all the Council's upcoming activities in our newsletter. If you are not a professional staff member but want to subscribe, please email iubpc@indiana.edu.


Raising Issues

Should you wish to raise issues for Council review or comment on our current activities, please contact any of the representatives. We welcome such input, and hope to hear from you soon.

Consider making a donation to the IU Bloomington Professional Council.