Carmund White

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Carmund White
Term: 2017-2020

Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives
Kelley School of Business
1309 E. Tenth St., Hodge Hall 2030
Bloomington, IN  47405
  • Prior Positions:
    • Academic Advisor, Kelley School of Business
    • Associate Instructor. Student Academic Center
    • Associate Instructor, African American Arts Institute
  • Degrees and Education:
    • Doctoral Candidate, Jacobs School of Music, IU Bloomington
    • Master of Music, Jacobs School of Music, IU Bloomington
    • Bachelor of Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Hobbies and family: When I am not at work, I spend my time with my wife and 14 month old son Chandler.
  • Role at IU: As Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives, I am the principal person responsible for URM undergraduate programming, which includes but is not limited to, a freshman retreat, an end of the year awards ceremony, and a relaunched mentoring program. The role includes secondary responsibilities in the area of high school programming, and recruitment of URM students. I also serve as an Academic Advisor to scholarship students and others through the Office of Diversity Initiatives.
  • IUBPC Motivations: Indiana University has given me so much as a student, a teacher and a professional that I am always looking for opportunities to give back. I have given back in the classroom as a teacher and a student, and I have given back as an Academic Advisor and a Fraternity Advisor. I relish the thought that I can also give back as a member on the Bloomington Professional Council advocating for and supporting the same individuals and colleagues who have been instrumental in my development and work daily to create an inclusive and affirming environment in which students can explore, grow, develop and contribute. I had the privilege of serving as the Kelley Liaison for the Steering Committee of the Bloomington Academic Advising Council. I am not someone who wants to join a committee just to join a committee. I join to work, to listen, to hear, to contribute, to collaborate and learn. It was an honor to add my voice to a conversation about how Advisors can do more to serve a growing, increasingly complex student population one at a time, while ensuring that Advisors are growing and have the space in which to develop. When I transitioned to my current job, I had to leave the Steering Committee which hurt my heart. As a member of the Bloomington Professional Council, I will continue to advocate for professional staff growth, development and work to foster affirming, inclusive environments for our professional staff, who strive to do the same for each IUB student.