Kelly Thacker

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Kelly Thacker
Term: 2015-2018 (Formerly 2008-2014)

Associate Director Finance and Data Management
Residential Programs and Services
Briscoe Hall, Application Admin Suite
Bloomington, IN  47405

BS '02, University Wisconsin La-Crosse; MS '05, Kansas State University; Ph.D. '12, Kansas State University

In Kelly’s role, she oversees all of the residence hall student contracts, applications, placements, and billings for 12,000 students living on campus. Another large part of this role includes customer service to potential and incoming IU students and their parents. In her current role she works with a wide variety of technology applications that are utilized by students. Also in this role, she is able to work to utilize her dissertation research related to low income student college experiences to influence policies and practices.

Thacker previously served 2, 3 year terms on the BPC and held a variety of executive positions. She has enjoyed serving the professional staff at IU and learning more about the departments and offices across campus. Thacker is proud of the work BPC does to support professional staff with the Professional Grant Process, and the opportunities provided through the Know Your Campus Events. It is also important to Thacker that through BPC, the needs and concerns of professional staff are shared with IU’s top administrators.

The Assistant Director position is Thacker’s fourth role in RPS over the past 10 years and she has previously worked and supervised many residence halls on campus. Thacker served as an Assistant and Residence Manager of Eigenmann for 5 years, and as an Associate Director in Residential Life. Thacker also has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses during her time at IU and enjoys the classroom environment.

A native Wisconsinite, Thacker enjoys spending time with her family, friends, her dog Pennie, as well as cheering on her beloved Green Bay Packers. Thacker enjoys the wide variety of art and music offerings at IU and often attends events across campus. Thacker is involved in her church, sings in a choir, is an avid runner, and enjoys traveling and exploring new places around the world.