Julia Jennings

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Julia Jennings
Term: 2017-2020

Director of Community and School Partnerships
Office of the VP for Diversity, Equity & Multicultural Affairs
300 N. Jordan
Bloomington, IN  47405

BA in Anthropology, IUPUI; Master of Research in Social Anthropology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Julia began her career at Indiana University as a student on the IUPUI campus where she graduated in 2010. She worked two years at IUPUI before pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. In October of 2013, Julia joined the University Graduate School at IU Bloomingtonand in September 2014 she moved to the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (DEMA). Julia is now the director of Community and School Partnerships in DEMA where she does outreach with K-12 schools and community agencies to promote recruitment and retention of underrepresented students throughout Indiana and serves as the university-wide coordinator for the Herbert Presidential Scholars program.

Julia greatly values the work and mission of the IUBPC. The role of university policies and their impact on all members of the university—students, faculty, and staff—is vital to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, collaborating, and enhancing leadership at all levels. Additionally, she enjoys serving on the Outreach and Advocacy Committee where she has the opportunity to get involved in some of the hands-on activities that the council supports. Julia has a strong passion for education and diversity that supports the mission of the IUBPC.

Outside of work, Julia spends her time teaching anthropology and archaeology courses at Ivy Tech Bloomington, getting her hands messy with art projects, and relaxing with her family and friends.