Henry Hurtado

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Henry Hurtado
Term: 2017-2020

Academic Advisor
University Division
Foster 103
Bloomington, IN  47405
  • Degrees and Education: MA Degrees in School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Redlands in Southern California.
  • Hobbies/ and family: A huge baseball fan- specifically of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Im a huge fan of music- If you stop by my office, more than likely you will find me listening to Ben E. King, Temptations and other similar and later artists- Music really seems to ease the advising meetings as students have expressed appreciativeness for this.
  • Role at IU: As a UD advisor, My office is located in Foster-Harper Res Hall. I mainly advise First- year incoming students who are seeking guidance and support towards admission into their respective degree program. Additionally, for the past two years, I have continually serve as a member of the "New Student Orientation" (NSO) committee. Through out the academic year, we plan, coordinate and put into effect (along with other departments) new ideas that continue to improve our advising approach, during what we consider one of our busiest time of the year. With such improvements, incoming students are better able to maximize their time in UD as exploratory students. Lastly, I continue to have the honor of participating as one of the members in the Jean Pelsor Scholarship committee.
  • IUBPC Motivations: I have gained a good understanding of the IU community (from a microcosm perspective). Thus, my motivation for joining IUBPC falls in line with my gradual involvement within IU.If selected for IUBPC membership, this will allow me to continue understanding how IU works (together) from a larger perspective. Additionally, with my current involvement, I believe that I can serve as an advocate/ representative for students, staff and other members of the greater IU community. I’ve been given a warm welcoming by all, who I have come across at IU, and I would essentially like to pay it forward by serving as an active member of the IU community.