Cathlene Hardy Hansen

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Cathlene Hardy Hansen
Term: 2016-2019

Director of Health and Wellness
IU Health Center
IUHC, 4th Floor
Bloomington, IN  47405

Previously, Cathlene served as Adjunct Instructor at the School of Public Health teaching the following: Stress Management, Personal Health, Marriage & Family Interaction, Human Sexuality, and The Effects of Divorce on Children.

Cathlene says, "Although I have admired the work of the IUBPC for years, I have not been actively engaged as a formal leader. However, I recently gave a presentation on the wellness programs we offer for employees at both the Health Center and the Union, and I was inspired to become more involved. The great efforts of the IUBPC committee and my fellow panelists made me realize that this was an important missing link for me both personally and professionally."

Cathlene has earned the following: Masters Degree from SPEA in Public Administration, Indiana University; PhD from the School of Public Health in Health Behavior & Family Health Policy, Indiana University.

Cathlene has three children and lives in the country where she loves to spend time outdoors in all seasons. She also loves the theatre and the cinema, having spent her early professional life on stage and writing & producing television for a long-running PBS program highlighting the positive stories of people in the second half of their life. She says, "now I am one of them." After having lived in Washington D.C. for over 10 years, her and her partner researched the best place in the country to raise their family and chose Bloomington. She ran her first marathon at age 41 and although she has run 4 full marathons, she now exercises in a more moderate way and loves a variety of activities with friends and family. She is passionate about helping people become successful in achieving their personal goals and working together to create healthy, inclusive, socially just communities. She says "My 3 wonderful children inspire me with their lives of kindness and generosity and desire to help others whenever they can."

As the Director of Health and Wellness at the IU Health Center, Cathlene serves students and employees and is committed to promoting healthy, inclusive, socially just communities through practice, programming, research and policies. As an administrator, educator and collaborator she strives to ensure individuals and families are active participants in creating a greater quality of life through programming, which empowers and inspires others to become personal health & wellbeing experts who can advocate for themselves and others. Her department at the Health Center provides access to Prevention Services at the Health Center and Holistic Health options at their IMU location. Some of the services available to employees as well as students include Massage, Aromatherapy, Biofeedback, Nutrition Counseling, Tobacco Cessation Support, Wellness Coaching, and a variety of workshops that can be catered to specific departments' needs. They collaborate with the School of Public Health and Healthy IU to create a supportive environment where campus-wellbeing is in the forefront of their efforts.