Tony Emmons

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Tony Emmons
Term: 2016-2019

Business Analyst
VP Information Technology
2709 E. Tenth Street, CIB
Bloomington, IN  47405

Kelley School of Business, Undergraduate
Masters in Administration - School of Public Health

For the past three years he's had the honor of serving on the Outreach and Advocacy Committee, within the BPC, with a goal of connecting staff members to the landmarks, services, and history of IU. And also to connect staff members with other staff members. Although it has been hard work, he says "it is I that has been enriched." His motivation for seeking another term on the BPC is to continue the work of exposing staff to the treasures and services this great university has to offer.

In his current role at IU as that of a Business Analyst at UITS, he is part of an amazing team of individuals that designs and develops software for Academic Advisors across the state.

Prior IUBPC Terms: 2013-2016